ErgoDeck Modular Decking System
Models: ED560 to ED563

Product code: ED560
£18.48 (inc. VAT)
ErgoDeck Modular Decking System
Models: ED560 to ED563

Comfortable enough to stand on all day. Robust enough to withstand heavy wheeled traffic.

  • Ergonomic benefits: Maintains the comfort and productivity of people who stand at their work for prolonged periods
  • Easy installation: Large 457 x 457mm modules quickly and easily cover large areas, saving time and labour costs with minimal disruption
  • Secure connection: Locksafe, a unique integral interlocking system, locks and keeps the modules securely in place under heavy continuous use. Easily unlocked and repositioned to create different configurations
  • Wheeled traffic: Engineered to withstand wheeled traffic (excluding forklift trucks) up to 45 tonnes/m2
  • Safety: Optional high visibility, wide ramped edges and corners allow safe access for people and wheeled traffic
  • Wear rating: Heavy
  • Thickness: 22mm

Description Suitability Model Price (£)

ErgoDeck Open 560

Wet but non-oily areas, or dry areas
where it’s desirable for small debris
to drop through the drainage holes
ED560 15.40

ErgoDeck Open Gritworks 561

Wet and potentially slippery areas
where extra traction is important
ED561 23.10

ErgoDeck Solid 562

Mainly dry areas where tools or
small components may be dropped
ED562 16.00

ErgoDeck Solid Gritworks 563

Areas where overspray or tracking of oil
or other fluids may cause a slip hazard
ED563 24.10

Ramps & Corners
Type Size (mm) Model Price (£)


152 x 457 EDR 9.40

Outer Corner

152 x 381 EDOC 14.30

Inner Corner

152 x 229 EDIC 14.30

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Brand LiftMate
Product Code ED560