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Storage of potentially hazardous substances and materials should conform to guidelines covered by the Control of Substances to Health Regulations issued by the Health and Safety Executive. Following assessment under CoSHH of the use and storage of hazardous substances and materials, our cupboards and cabinets can be used to satisfy the regulations’ requirements for appropriate methods of storage in the workplace.

Hazardous Substance Lockers<br>Models: CZ703530ZYXX & CZ904646ZYXX
Hazardous Substance Lockers
Models: CZ703530ZYXX & CZ904646ZYXX

Hazardous Substance Low Cabinets<br>Models: CZ709046ZYXX & CZ909046ZYXX
Hazardous Substance Low Cabinets
Models: CZ709046ZYXX & CZ909046ZYXX

Tall Hazardous Substance Storage Cabinets<br>Models: CZ129046ZYXX to CZ181246ZYXX
Tall Hazardous Substance Storage Cabinets
Models: CZ129046ZYXX to CZ181246ZYXX

Hazardous Substance Wall Cabinet<br>Model: CZ855725ZYXX
Hazardous Substance Wall Cabinet
Model: CZ855725ZYXX

500mm High Stands<br>Model: CZ904646ZYXX
500mm High Stands
Model: CZ904646ZYXX

Petroleum & Flammable Liquids Cabinets<br>Models: CT129061ZHXX & CT121261ZHXX
Petroleum & Flammable Liquids Cabinets
Models: CT129061ZHXX & CT121261ZHXX

Petroleum & Flammable Liquids Floor Chests<br>Models: CT516134ZHXX & CT611146ZHXX
Petroleum & Flammable Liquids Floor Chests
Models: CT516134ZHXX & CT611146ZHXX

Hazardous Storage Bins<br>Models: CBIN606YD & CBIN607YD
Hazardous Storage Bins
Models: CBIN606YD & CBIN607YD

Mobile Hazardous Storage Cabinets<br>Models: CZ109046MYXX & CZ849046MYXX
Mobile Hazardous Storage Cabinets
Models: CZ109046MYXX & CZ849046MYXX

Hazardous Storage Cabinets<br>Models: SU13A to SU08F
Hazardous Storage Cabinets
Models: SU13A to SU08F

Flammable Storage Bins<br>Models: SU09F to SU12F
Flammable Storage Bins
Models: SU09F to SU12F

Acid & Alkali Storage Cabinets<br>Model: CA904646ZWXX
Acid & Alkali Storage Cabinets
Model: CA904646ZWXX

Pesticide & Agrochemical Storage Cabinets<br>Model: CP703530ZRXX
Pesticide & Agrochemical Storage Cabinets
Model: CP703530ZRXX

Chemvault Storage Vaults<br>Models: ECCV1 to ECSV3
Chemvault Storage Vaults
Models: ECCV1 to ECSV3

Flamvault Storage Vaults<br>Models: FB1 to CBC4
Flamvault Storage Vaults
Models: FB1 to CBC4

Chemstor Chemical Storage Units<br>Models: CS5 to CS3
Chemstor Chemical Storage Units
Models: CS5 to CS3

Gas Cylinder Cages<br>Models: 113-516 & 115-836
Gas Cylinder Cages
Models: 113-516 & 115-836

Double Width Gas Cylinder Cages<br>Models : 115-861 & 115-864
Double Width Gas Cylinder Cages
Models : 115-861 & 115-864

Fold-Away Gas Cage<br>Model: S10360
Fold-Away Gas Cage
Model: S10360

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