Mezzanine Floors


Mezzanine Floors

Use the height of your building to double your space.

Our mezzanine floors provide high quality, extremely cost-effective space in areas that are often never used. When an organisation expands and the need for extra space is crucial, people naturally think of expanding outwards. Don't do the same! Think cubic space, not floor space. Mezzanine floors offer cost savings that can be enormous when compared to the alternative options.

Mezzanine floors are ideal for retail, storage, offices, production areas, canteens, plant support and more!

  • Full building regulations application made on your behalf
  • Detailed site survey carried out by qualified project engineers
  • Structures dedsigned to BS6399, BS5950, BS449 and the latest building regulations
  • Structure conforms to SEMA and DETR approved guidelines
  • Fire rated designs and column casings
  • handrail and gate systems also available
  • Fast, efficient installations by our own experienced mezzanine installation teams
  • Floors are fully demountable and easily relocated

Retail Floors

  • Raised platform structures are being increasingly used for expanding sales area within a retail unit
  • Floors can be seamlessly incorporated in the retail area
  • Back of store storage areas are frequently required

Commercial Floors

  • Storage and office space can be accommodated
  • Wholesale distribution centres can double floor space as opposed to relocation

Storage Floors

  • As well as providing raised working areas within existing buildings for increasing production facilities, floors are readily built around larger products, allowing operators to work easily at an elevated level

Multi-Tier Floors

  • High cost premises, for example cold stores, find that our mezzanines make excellent use of the volume of the building
  • Multi tier floors maximise very high warehouses and buildings

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